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We are a small breeder of standard, mini, and toy Goldendoodles. We live on a small hobby farm consisting of horses, ponies, and of course Goldendoodles! Our family loves to go on nature walks and boating on the lake in our spare time. We fell in love with and chose to breed Goldendoodles because their loving personalities, intelligence, and minimal shedding. Our puppies have been well socialized by the time they are ready for their forever home and all their parents are health tested.
We welcome you to come to our farm to visit with us and meet our happy puppies. For those of you that are long distance and cannot make the drive we would be happy to provide all of the photos and videos you need to choose your new family member.
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Goldendoodles (also called groodles) are one of the most recent crossbreed dogs, and they’re gaining popularity due to their adorable looks and personality, which has been shown off by proud owners across social media. Not only do their purebred parent breeds make them excellent candidates as guide dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs, but their coat type and energy level make them the perfect choice of family pet for active and health-conscious households.Hi! I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s a piece of cake. I’m a great space for you to tell a story and let your site visitors know more about you.

History of the Goldendoodle Dog Breed

The Goldendoodle is the most recent designer dog that combines poodle genetics with another purebred — the golden retriever — joining the Labradoodle and cockapoo. The popularity of these poodle mix breeds led to advent of the standard goldendoodle in the 1990s.
This hybrid dog was created with the non-shedding coat and intelligence of the standard poodle and the size and temperament of the golden retriever parent in mind. Breeding is still in the earliest stages, so most dogs come from first-generation crossing of the two parent dog breeds. In spite of the fact this dog is incredibly popular in places like the United States, Australia and the UK, there aren’t yet any breed clubs fighting to get them purebred status.
There’s significant variation between goldendoodles because there aren’t any breed standards, but most have wavy or curly coats, shed minimally and have exceptionally friendly and loyal personalities.


Goldendoodles are generally healthy animals, but just like any other pooch, their specific genetics mean they’re prone to particular illnesses. Not every Doodle will contract these diseases, but they’re important to be aware of when taking care of them. All good breeders provide a certificate that shows health clearances. At Pride and Prejudoodles, our tests cover 164 common health conditions. As such, you have peace of mind when purchasing your new pup from us.

How Long Do Goldendoodles Live?

The average Goldendoodle lives for between 10 and 15 years.


Some goldendoodles might take after their retriever parents, but it’s still likely that they’ll shed less fur than the average dog. Not only can this be useful for individuals who suffer with allergies but it’s a bonus for any house-proud person who wants the joy of being a pooch parent without excessive amounts of fur on the furniture.


When you first get your pup, you’re provided a can of wet food and a bag of dry food for the sake of consistency. Suddenly changing your puppy’s diet can lead to stomach upsets, so it’s best to either remain consistent with the food they’ve been eating or very gradually change them over. This involves mixing a small amount of the new food into the old food and gradually increasing the ratio. If you notice that they get ill as a result of the change, it’s best to switch back to the previous food.
Goldendoodles are prone to bloating, so it’s essential you stick to a consistent twice-a-day feeding schedule throughout puppyhood and adulthood. While it might be tempting to switch over an unfussy adult dog to lower-cost food, this can have serious consequences. High-quality food is more nutrient-dense, which will add years to your dog’s life. Always be careful not to overfeed your Doodle as obesity is a leading cause of premature death.

Common Goldendoodle Health Issues

Some of the illnesses these dogs are prone to include:
  • Ear infections
  • Patellar luxation
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Allergies
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Gastric dilatation volvulus


Doodles are generally low- to no-shedding dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require regular grooming. The curlier their coats, the more frequently you’ll need to brush them and take them to the groomers. Most owners opt to trim Doodles’ coats, which prevents matting and decreases the need for brushing. Nonetheless, even a clipped pooch’s fur needs attention every couple of weeks to remove debris and stimulate the follicles.

Our services


Regular walks with your dog will help it adapt to strangers and sharp noises, and make it feel less anxious in the apartment


Training will develop a certain set of skills that are needed to control your pet's behavior


Our boarding facilities can accommodate up to 15 dogs. By sticking to this number, we are able to provide proper attention to each of them

Dog fitness

Shifting the traning intensity improves endurance and strengthens the cardiovascular system


Email: goldendoodle4homes@gmail.com

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